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What can I do with Discover?

In the online academy you have the possibility to let users choose their own learning activities. They can do this by going to 'Discover' in the top menu. If they want to follow learning activities, they need to subscribe to the activity or ask for approval. You can also add external content to the library, for example by using LTI.

What can a user do in the Library?

Searching for learning activities

Through the search field labeled 'What do you want to learn?', users can search for topics they would like to learn about. After performing a search, users can also use the filter option to, for example, display only e-learnings related to the searched topic.

In addition to the search function, users can browse through recommended learning activities, activities on specific themes, or explore all microlearnings. These additional search options are available if the Library has been upgraded.

Enrolling in learning activities and starting learning activities.

  • By clicking on the tile of a learning activity, the "Register" button becomes visible. Users can enroll themselves in activities such as e-learnings or Learning Playlists through this button.

  • If approval is required for registration, a request will be sent for review by an administrator or manager.

  • For microlearnings and summaries, no registration is needed; users can start them directly. Once they have completed the activity, they can add it to their completed learning activities by clicking on "Finish" at the bottom of the page.

Adding learning activities to a learn list

Users can save learning activities that they find interesting for later. They can do this by hovering over the tile of the learning activity and clicking on the bookmark icon. This way, the user doesn't have to enroll in the learning activity immediately, but it will be saved in their learn list. Users can then decide for themselves if and when they want to enroll in the learning activity.

How can I add learning activities to the Library?

As an administrator, you can specify whether each learning activity should be displayed in the Library. Here's how you can do that.

This is how your library gets an upgrade

If you have more than 50 learning activities in your library, your library will be upgraded to a page where your users can explore your content. These are a few features they can use:

  1. Highlighted activities

  2. Carousel with themes

  3. Overview with most followed training in your online academy

  4. Alternating highlighted themes

Do you have 50 learning activities in your library, but you do not see your upgrade? Please let us know!

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