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Conditions within an e-learning
Conditions within an e-learning

Determine when content is unlocked

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As an administrator, you may want to have control over when certain components of a learning activity are made available to a user. That's why you can set conditions for releasing content in the learning activity for an e-learning module. For example, you can specify that a particular chapter or section will only be accessible after a user has completed a specific preceding component. Until then, the relevant component will be visible but not accessible to the user.

Where can I find the conditions?

Open the learning activity for which you want to set the conditions through 'Courses'. Click on 'Edit e-learning' in the top right corner. Then, you will see a gear icon in the top right corner. Clicking on it will display the settings for this e-learning module in different tabs. Choose the 'Conditions' tab.

How do I set a condition?

You can add a condition to every part within an activity, to the main part but also the subparts. You can do this by clicking on the arrow on the right and then on 'Add condition'. Next up, you indicate what should happen before a part is unlocked. We've got two types of conditions within an e-learning:

Course progress: Set the progress percentage that must first be achieved before you can continue with the next part.

Per part: Set a part that must first be finished before you can continue with the next part.

Please note!
Ensure that the conditions can be achieved. When you, for example, set the last part to become unlocked when the course progress is 100%, this can never happen because it's part of the 100% progression.

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