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A Learning Playlist allows you to create a customized learning path for your users. Essentially, a Learning Playlist is a collection of learning activities that you have selected. These activities can be of various types, allowing you to create a Learning Playlist that is tailored to the learning preferences of your users!

How do I create a Learning Playlist?

  • Navigate to 'Courses' on the menu bar.

  • Click on 'Add'.

  • Choose 'Learning Playlist' as the type of learning activity.

  • Add the general information. Fill in the title, study time, theme(s), and optionally a description. Then click on 'Create new activity'.

    • Title. Give the microlearning a title so you can easily find it in the library.

    • Author.

    • Study time. Indicate the expected study time.

    • Themes. Add at least one theme.

    • Description. Here you can add additional information about the learning activity, such as its main objective.

Adding learning activities

In the 'Activities' tab, you can add learning activities from your online academy to the Learning Playlist. For each learning activity, you can indicate whether it is mandatory or not. You can also choose to make the learning activity available only from a certain moment or after another learning activity in the playlist has been completed. You can adjust these settings through the gear icon on the tile of the relevant learning activity.

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