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Determine the settings of a test in an e-learning

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What are test settings and what can I do with them?

Test settings allow you to customize how the test functions for the user. You can determine if users immediately see whether their answer is correct or incorrect and if there is an option for a retake. Adjust the settings to align with the learning preferences of your users. Please read below the video for information on the various settings available.

  • All questions vs. random selection of questions
    You can indicate if you want all questions to be part of the test or just a selection of questions.

  • Random vs. fixed order
    You can choose to let the test appear in a fixed or random order. When you choose random, every user will be provided with the questions in random order. When you choose fixed order, the order will be the same for everyone.

  • Direct feedback

    When you enable this option, users will immediately see whether their answer was correct or incorrect after answering the question.

  • Don't show result after completing the test

    When you enable this option, users will not see which answers they had correct or incorrect after completing the quiz. They also do not see the passing percentage they achieved for the exam.

  • Resit
    You can indicate if there's a possibility to resist. When you provide this possibility, you can also indicate how often the user may retake the test.

  • Time limit

    Here you can specify whether there is a time limit for the test and how long it is.

  • Passed from
    You can indicate when a user has passed a test at 'Passed when...'. This is the minimum score the user needs in order to pass the test.

  • Weighting
    The questions are divided into competence and knowledge questions. Within the test, you can indicate various weighting factors per category. In this way, you can let the competence questions outweigh the knowledge questions. The weighting you choose here only counts for this specific test.

  • Introduction text test

    Here you can add an introductory text about the test. This text will be displayed on the test start screen. In this start screen, the user will also see the minimum score required to pass the test.

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