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Do you want to add a document, such as a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint file to your learning activity? This can be easily done! In this article, you will learn how this works.

How do I add a document?

You can add a document as a separate learning activity, namely as a microlearning. Additionally, you can add a link as a learning format within a learning activity. Both methods will be discussed in this article.

Document as a microlearning

  • Go to ‘Courses’ via the menu bar.

  • Click on ‘Add’.

  • Choose the learning activity ‘Microlearning’ and click on ‘File’.

  • Add the general information. Fill in the title, study time, theme(s), and optionally a description. Then, click on 'Create new learning activity’.

    • Title. Give the microlearning a title, so you can easily find it in the library.

    • Author.

    • Study time. Here, you can provide an indication of the study time.

    • Themes. Add at least one theme.

    • Description. Here, you can add additional information about the learning activity. For example, the main objective of it.

    • Skills. Here, add at least one skill and a maximum of five skills.

    • Upload file. Drag the document to the field, or choose a file from your computer via 'Choose a file’.

Document as a learning format in a learning activity

Make sure you are at the right section of the learning activity where you want to add a link.

  • Choose the learning format 'Document’.

  • Add a title and optionally a description. Based on the title, the document will be saved in the Warehouse.

  • Add the document. Drag the document to the field, or choose a file from your computer via 'Select a file’.

Please note: The maximum file size for the document is 50 MB.

💡 Tip: Learning objectives and tags

You can add learning objectives and tags to learning formats. Learning objectives are useful, for example, to create exams based on learning objectives. Using tags helps you to easily find content in the Warehouse. As you start typing, suggestions will immediately appear for learning objectives and tags you have used before.

How can I employ the usage of a document?

Via the document, you can also make internal documents available from the online academy. For example, during the onboarding of new employees, you can make the employee handbook available using this method, allowing users to access all information about procedures such as sick leave, vacation requests, etc.

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