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Create a new clever Brainpower training: a collection

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What are collections?

Within Brainpower, you work with collections. A collection can be compared to a traditional card filing system, where questions are categorized based on learning objectives. The questions within the collection are associated with one or more learning objectives, which are then trained in Brainpower. Read below to learn about the two different ways to create collections.

How do I create a standalone collection?

Go to 'Courses' and select 'E-learning', then choose 'Create Collection'. Here, you provide general information such as the title and description, and click save. Then, click on 'Edit Collection' to start editing the collection's content.

You can add new questions or reuse existing questions from the Warehouse. Click on 'Search and reuse questions' to directly select questions from the Warehouse.

How do I integrate a collection into an e-learning course?

You can also fill a collection based on an existing e-learning course. This way, you build a Brainpower collection with learning objectives from that e-learning course. To create a Brainpower collection based on an e-learning course, choose 'Brainpower Integration' in the e-learning course settings. The system will automatically generate a collection.

This collection appears as a separate tile on the 'Courses' page. You can manage and make changes to this generated collection through the Brainpower tile.

Measuring learning objectives

You can choose which learning objectives to measure for each collection. Brainpower identifies the learning objectives present in the collection based on the selected questions. It's possible for a question to have multiple learning objectives, but you may not want to measure all of them in a particular collection. To do this, open the Brainpower collection and go to the 'Learning Objectives' tab. There, you can indicate which learning objectives you do or do not want to measure. The user's knowledge acquisition and level are calculated based on the active learning objectives.

You work with collections within Brainpower. A collection can be seen as a container of questions. All these questions have one or multiple learning goals. These are important for Brainpower for they'll be the learning goals you need to know to manage this collection.

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